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Is AMD Complacent???

Posted by Sankar on September 30, 2004

I am a fan of AMD processors… Though my first computer had a Intel 486 (I didn’t know much about computers then), I moved to an AMD K6 and currently I have two comps with Athlon XP. These processors definitely beat their Intel counterparts in most of the areas. My Athlon XP coupled with nVidia’s nForce 2 chipset really rocks!!! My next computer will definitely be an Athlon 64.

It’s really great that with the 64-bit line of processors, AMD is seeing some big numbers coming their way. Though it (AMD) is a distant second in the market share next to Intel, AMD seems to have the best desktop processor in the market currently. But I am worried now…

I am not sure if it is complacency or something else. AMD has to improvise on the lead they have now and has to come out with faster and better processors. Things have been pretty quiet in the AMD Arena. AMD cannot afford to be complacent especially with a big firm like Intel chasing it with all they have got. I got this concern especially after reading an article at The Inquirer. It is a great article, but a little long (by web standards), but do check it out if you have time.

AMD setting itself up for a fall


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