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Earthquake Experience…

Posted by Sankar on December 26, 2004

Today morning, Chennai experienced shocks of an earthquake centered somewhere in Indonesia. My wife woke me up saying she could feel some movements… but I first dismissed her saying she was imagining things… But just a moment later, I felt my bed literally shaking (just for a few seconds). It was a wierd experience. I went out to the balcony and look out at neighbouring flats and roads. Everything seemed to be so quiet 🙂

A couple of hours later, I learnt that a huge tidal wave has swept the shores on the east coast. I went to the beach to witness the aftermath. The water from the sea has come in to the roads crossing the beach (the 2nd largest in the world). I heard that the waves were about 5-6 feet in height. Just a few photos for you to see…


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