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Sania goes down….

Posted by Sankar on June 23, 2005

Sania Mirza goes down but not without a fight.
She lost in the second round of Wimbledon to the 5th seed Svetlana Kuznetsova (the current US Open chanpion). She played very good tennis. She came back strongly to win the 2nd set and put in a good fight in the 3rd set too. She almost won the match!!!

Couple of my friends predicted that she will be sharing frames with Telugu stars in movies in a year’s time. I just hope it DOESN’T come true 🙂 She is a great hope for Indian tennis in singles which otherwise doesn’t exist right now.


3 Responses to “Sania goes down….”

  1. There are a couple of areas on which she really needs to improve, though.

    One of them is her athletism. She is a bit too fat and that probably limits her mobility in court. ( Or is she REALLY preparing to enter into filmdo(o)m?)

    The other area is her serve. It is very very weak & she would really do good with an improved serve.

    On the positive side, her backhand is strong & powerful. Let us hope that the news about her entering the reel world turns out to be a “REEL”

  2. check this link out, its athought provoking article.

    i played tennis too in her home town and i know so many girls who defeated her in u12 u14 & u16, if she was talented she wouldnt have lost, if u get a GVK backing u then u dont need talent

  3. Sankar said

    Quote from the article at

    “I want to see no sportsperson deprived of his/her due just because he/she lacks the support of marketing skills or the patronage of a corporate house like GVK”

    No one is going to deprive a sportsperson their due credit. The problem lies in the fact that no one is aware of such players probably because of the reason you mentioned. They do not have backing / sponsers to come out front. That just goes with the sports world and true to any sport.

    I actually believe that there might be several Tendulkar’s out there in India. But no one really cares about them because no one really knows about them. So until they come out and perform, I think that there is nothing wrong in praising and supporting current players.
    And when the un-noticed players do come out and get noticed, I am sure everyonee will rally behind them just like we have done over several years behind Tendulkar, Sania and others!!!

    Also, Tendulkar has been dismissed for a 0 several times. Does that mean that Tendulkar isn’t a good player??? Just because she lost in u12, u14 etc, it doesn’t mean she is bad. She is new to the circuit and we can only hope she gets better with time.
    Also, there are other indian players tooo in the internation circuit (nirupama… etc). They too should have the backing. But I don’t see them playing as good as Sania… I wish they did… but 😦

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