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Movie Review: Dishyum

Posted by Sankar on February 27, 2006

In a nutshell: Definitely worth a watch!!!

The movie has been out for a while now. But I just had the chance to watch it this weekend. Wish I had watched it earlier instead of movies like Paramasivan and Kalabak Kaadhalan.

The movie revolves around ‘Risk’ Baskar (Jeeva) who is a stunt artist and Cinthya (Sandhya) an art student. Baskar is a take it easy character who is very popular in the stunt world for this daring stunts in the movies. He meets Cinthya and falls in love with her. Cinthya rejects and explains that she is just a friend. Baskar tries to be her friend, but realizes that it is something more than that and confesses his love to Cinthya. Cinthya asks him to wait to see if she also falls in love with him.

For a change, Cinthya’s parents give the go-ahead for the love marriage. While Baskar waits for Cinthya’s approval, the movie takes a turn and things march towards the climax.

The director has done a great job to give a clean entertainer. The screenplay is pretty decent and the movie does not get on your nerves at any point.

A couple of songs are melodious and good on the ears. After a long time, the movie has a very good comedy track (not a separate comedy track) provided by Baskar’s sidekick in the movie (a dwarf) and it is really refreshing after sitting though Vadivelu and Vivek for a while now. After a long time, I can literally laugh for some comedy. No double meaning jokes. Really straightforward and simple jokes. The comedy is definitely a plus for the movie.

Do watch it if you get a chance. You won’t regret it.


3 Responses to “Movie Review: Dishyum”

  1. sanjay said

    i loved Amitabh the dwarf, but found little else that i cared about in the movie.

    I classified it as yet another love padam and moved on. These sasi type directors know only one thing: love.

    Nothing ‘maathiyosi’ about it. timepass!

  2. ShivA said

    you guys shld watch “The Widow of St. Pierre” pretty decent..awesome locales and it leaves you thinking

  3. Sankar said

    like you said, this is just another love padam. But it is a decent love padam.. esp coming from a bad patch of movies like aadi, parasivan etc.
    also, we cannot expect every movie to be a “different” movie. even hollywood hasn’t come to that level. this is just another nice timepass movie.
    even if the tamil industry does not produce “different” movies, atleast they should stop coming out with movies like aadi…

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