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Are we living in a matrix world???

Posted by Sankar on March 20, 2006

Came across an interesting article (theory) that analyzes the possibility of all of us living in a simulated world.

I couldn’t understand most of the stuff… looks like it is just for the studs. Anyone out there who can explain it in layman terms. Please use the comments to the fullest extent 🙂



2 Responses to “Are we living in a matrix world???”

  1. Pradeep Sriram said

    i am totally lost!!!! this looks more like philosophy.

    wats so kewl abt wordpress? can u still link ur flickr photos and youtube videos?

  2. Sankar said

    I couldn’t understand the article completely either. Maybe I read it in a hurry. I do want to read it once again in leisure.

    btw, nothing so special about wordpress. Just that there more features as compared to blogger (categorizing the posts, customizing the sidebar, image upload from within wordpress, and more control with respect to each and every post/comment).

    I hope there shouldn’t be any problem wrt flickr photos. You anyway, put in a img tab in the post. Hence that should not be an issue. But I am not sure about youtube videos… I just hope they support it.

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