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Pulling the plug on standby power…

Posted by Sankar on March 23, 2006

Never really imagined that standby power consumed by various devices could have such a huge impact. Please read the article below at

Pulling the plug on standby power

“Using the most efficient designs could reduce average household standby-power consumption by 72%, he calculates. Applying this reduction across the developed nations of the OECD would reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by nearly 0.5%—“equivalent to removing more than 18m cars from European roads,?.?

I am actually one of millions of people who leave the television, settop box and various other devices in standby mode overnight. Maybe from now on, I will try and switch off the devices when not in use 🙂


One Response to “Pulling the plug on standby power…”

  1. ShivA said

    wow did not expect it to be that much…but in the US we dont have switches for all the outlets..i mean in India atleast we have the option of turnin off the switch but here I guess we literally have to pull the plug, which I must say will get annoying after a while…

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