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Retirement age for politicians???

Posted by Sankar on April 4, 2006

The election fever is on here in TamilNadu with the assembly elections scheduled for May 8th. Well… I don’t want to get into the politics. But I want to ask a question in the interest of the nation. This question has been bothering me for a long time now and I guess that someone can answer me here in this forum.

Why isn’t there an age restriction for contesting the elections? Come on… we have a retirement age even for a clerk working in the state/central government. I am guessing that people are forced to retire at a certain age mainly for two reasons.

  • They “may” not be able work as effectively as they did during their 30’s/40’s.
  • Second and most importantly, I think retiring old people will enable the younger generation to get into the work pool.

If there are any other reasons, please let me know.

So when all government employees (right from a clerk to the topmost admin) have a retirement age, why isn’t there one for people contesting the elections. I got the list of current Lok Sabha MPs and there are more than 150 people who are 60+. That’s more than 25% of the House.

Some argue that experience comes of age. If that is true, why is there a retirement age in the first place for other jobs? A clerk would get more and more experienced as he/she crosses 60, 70, 80 and so on.

I think technically, the MPs are not employees of the Government and hence retirement age may not be applicable. If that is the case, the rule should be imposed at least to the Council of Ministers as they definitely are employees of the Government. But this may lead to some being puppets of other members. So better not to allow people who have crossed the age limit to contest the elections.

Also, most politicians will argue that they are here to "serve the people" and that the age should not be a deterrent. They are most welcome to "serve the people" by being an active member of their party, but cannot contest elections/hold any ministerial posts.

Maybe I am completely wrong and there is a logical/sensible explanation to this. If there is something, I would definitely like to know about that.


16 Responses to “Retirement age for politicians???”

  1. ShivA said

    If you want to compare and make a point saying other jobs have a retirement age so politics should have one too then you are way off course…I mean consider this, even a clerk needs to be qualified to get a job why isnt there anything like that for a politician…I dont care how long he does his job as long as he knows what he is doing…Just a simple qualification saying you shld be 12th std. passed and with no previous criminal records, with that I bet our government will be a thousand times better than what it is now…but again there is an argument saying ppl need not be educated to be efficient…so I guess being an extreme democracy has its bad side too…

  2. Sudha said


    I think the reason why there is no retirement age for politicians, has pretty much to do with the nature of the job they do, u cannot argue that comparing to a clerk’s job, coz he/ she does more of physical jobs, but with all major politicians, these days, they (are supposed to) use the experience, make decisions for people’s welfare and delegate actual work to people under them. When they get higher up in the ladder its more to controlling the party, handling various kinds of people and issues than doing any physical work at all.
    Like u said, they can choose to be out of positions and just stay in the party to serve people, but sadly only with positions, come power and control, no one here is goin to listen to a respectable and good leader if he has something to say…gone are those days sankar…..

    The minimum age to contest in loksabha / assembly elections is 25, but how many of us in this age do think of politics as our careers, many think of tryinga hand at politics when they have made enough fame or money in their fields….so till new and young people join active politics and they actually get into positions, I guess we will hav only 60+ people around , on the same lines check this out – , might have seen this already

  3. vijesh said

    hey sudha,
    u r right in saying that the politicans must not be compared to a clerk’s job as it is physical on nature, but my opinion is a person who is taking decision for the public welfare should atleast know the meaning of welfare….

  4. raja said

    u r true,
    I just got this thought today and tried to search in google and found your article..there should be really a age limit.

    All politicians are governemt salary so they are already an employee and working for the country.
    This should be highlighted to the media that is the best place to make it an issue.

    If there is really a age limit then there is a chance for youth to enter into this field.

  5. ayush said

    i think that in some feild like finance minister and foregin ministry the minister should have a great experience but in some other feil i think there should be an age limit as when the politician will retier then only the fresher would ge chance and ya i agreee that if they want to help the people they should be an active member of party why di they want power to help people

  6. Hemanth said

    Because, this law must be accepted by both the houses, the people in the house do not accept at all.

  7. Vyom said

    no id ont agree wid u in politics we need much exprncd leaders and the young generation leaders are only the major cause of corruption in our country havye u evr seen an elderly politician behave in such a away??????????????

  8. bhushan said

    hi Vyom u r partly wrong i think so,
    bcoz according to me elder poloticians r major cause of corruption in our country that is the reason why we are lagging behind.
    in ancient times the kings were young e.g SHIVAJI maharaj and they were so powerfull that the more experianced AURANGJEB (mughal badshah) was affraid of shivaji, this is the power of youngs… but in todays scenario we cant know without experiment, let us try, what will happen we see…..
    one more thing our thinking should be young inspite of age..

    plz forgive if i hurted someone

  9. vikash said

    in my point view there must be an retirement age for politician ,bcoz age increases and brain decrease.

  10. sathish kumar.s said

    Hi all
    I think there should be a retirement age.scientifically it is proved that as people become old their cells starts to decay so they will have less thinking power

  11. I really don’t understand why a lot of these older politicians would even want to spend their golden years working. Why don’t they enjoy themselves, go play some golf, travel, explore. I think it would be better for them as well as the rest of us if they would just retire.

  12. BALAJI said

    y retirements r necessary,explaion

  13. BALAJI said

    “many experience person in the world,so thats y retairement s are not necessary”,if no means how s said

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