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Run Win XP on a Mac

Posted by Sankar on April 6, 2006

Apple today made switching to Mac OS much easier than it was ever before. Apple has launched Boot Camp (currently in Beta), which will enable the Intel Mac users to install Windows XP on a separate partition with ease. Boot camp enables the users to create a new partition and install the necessary drivers for windows.

(Image from apple site)

I am a die-hard windows user. But most people say that Macs are much better. But that did not convince me to switch because I like to tweak and upgrade my hardware which may not be possible in a Mac and ofcourse gaming !!! Most games are Windows only, though the situation is changing. I am still not sure if gaming might be possible in Mac using XP (thru bootcamp) because of the hardware config… we have to wait and see.

But I am guessing that this piece of software will definitely tempt several PC users who were thinking of switching to a Mac to actually switch.

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One Response to “Run Win XP on a Mac”

  1. Qwerty Maniac said

    Mac’s design is much much better than Windows IMO. Well, games will surely work, perhaps only a lil sound compatiblity…

    yeah, now we can get the best of both worlds 🙂 Mac rulzz :drool:

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