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Google Calendar

Posted by Sankar on April 17, 2006

Google finally released their Calendar app into Beta after weeks of speculation with leaked screenshots etc. As usual, the interface is sleek, straightforward and easy to use.

But when I used the app last week after it was launched, I noticed that it was very unresponsive. I ran into “oops… an error has occurred” several times within a span of minutes. Beta…. But it looks like it has been fixed and today it was a much better experience.

Two features that I think is great.

  • Just clicking on a specific time slot pops up a box to add an event to that timeslot. It is that simple. 
  • They also have built-in calendars for holidays in different countries, which can be added to your calendar’s view. Pretty neat feature especially if your work involves interacting with people from various countries.  

Overall, it is a nice app to begin with. But I am not sure where this app (just like several other Google apps) fits into the whole scheme of things for Google in the long run.


3 Responses to “Google Calendar”

  1. Prashanth said

    For good or for bad, I think our lives are becoming totally Google-dominated. Google Search, Google Scholar, GMail, GTalk, Blogger, Orkut, Google Maps, Google Groups, Picasa, Google Desktop, Google Calendar, ….. we’re all so wired to google-owned stuff that I think they can blackmail half the world if they wished! Nevertheless, better Google than Microsoft, I say!

    I think I will start using Google Calendar… my life is woefully short of planning 😦

  2. Come on pacha… I still don’t understand why so many people are against Microsoft. I had actually never understood that. Can somebody explain?
    Like you said, there could be a day when Google starts charging people for email/calendar/ accessing maps etc etc.

  3. Rajesh said

    Unfortunatenly, we have to plan our entries…it cannot fill our time sheet on its own, accept/decline meeting 😀

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