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Movie Review: Thirutu Payale

Posted by Sankar on April 21, 2006

Susi Ganesan (FiveStar and Virumbigiren) has definitely tried something different. A  thriller is not something that comes along very often from the Tamil industry.
The script is the hero of the movie. It is a nice cat and mouse game between Jeevan and Malavika. The core story of the movie is established in the first 15 mins. The first half of the movie is just great. The movie moves with great pace and is completely focused on the chase between Jeevan and Malavika. Sonia Agarwal plays Jeevan’s love interest. But even her character is introduced with a twist which is nice. But after that, she has the role of the usual Tamil movie heroine.

But the director succumbs to the usual pressure of a comedy track. The pace is affected by Vivek’s comedy track in the second half. Abbas also has a key role in the movie. Jeevan has to improve on everything. From acting to expressions to stunts… everything.

Overall, the movie is watchable. It won’t figure in your’s best list, but you probably won’t be too bored watching this one.


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