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Improvements during election season

Posted by Sankar on April 27, 2006

Everyone is aware that several improvements are done to a state just before the election season in order to woo people. But this time, I feel that this has gone a little overboard.

Several main roads here in Chennai were re-laid during the last month or two. The roads that were laid include the stretch between Nandanam and Saidapet, Radhakrishnan Salai, stretch between Kathipara and Airport and several other main roads. Though this might seem good, the fact is that most of these roads were already in good/very good condition and did not need to be re-laid.

There are so many roads in Chennai that are poor and this money could have been used effectively to make those roads better. But I am guessing that it’s these kind of main roads that have the most users and hence the most visibility to the public. The other roads may not have that many users and hence the whole purpose of laying the roads just before the election to gain people’s attention may not serve the purpose.

I wish the administration got a little more responsible.


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