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Google’s DaVinci Code Quest

Posted by Sankar on April 30, 2006

Google's DaVinci COde Quest is just past its mid-way mark. When I first blogged about it, it was not yet launched and didn't know what was in store. I have been solving the puzzles each day for the past 2 weeks. And most of them are pretty interesting. One category of the puzzle is similar to Sudoku… just that you have to solve using symbols instead of numbers. There is also a Chess version in which you must determine the combination of moves that will result in a check-mate. There are 4 other categories. There is going to be 4 puzzles in each category with 6 categories in total. Each puzzle has a question following it. Some are easy and straight-forward, but some are out of the way. But you can always google for answers šŸ™‚

Overall, it is just nice to spend a couple of mins each day to solve a puzzle. You need a google account to access the puzzles. Visit

I am keenly looking forward for the movie to release on 19th of May. Hope it releases in India too at the same time. šŸ™‚


One Response to “Google’s DaVinci Code Quest”

  1. Pisas24000 said

    This movie is a total Rijitteeed…

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