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Election promises

Posted by Sankar on May 5, 2006

With the election in Tamil Nadu almost here (May 8th) and that the election campaign about to end tomorrow, all the leaders/candidates are on a full swing to gather votes.

But that aside, I haven't come across an election like this before in my life where the parties are competing with each other in promising freebies upon coming to power. I don't have much information about past elections elections here, but to my knowledge this is reaching the limit. Even the parlimentary elections in 2004 did not have so many "freebie" promises.

Here's a small list of "freebie" promises by various parties.

  • A free color TV to each family (DMK)
  • 2 acres of agricultural land free to each family (DMK)
  • 10 kgs of rice free through the PDS (AIADMK)
  • 4 grams of gold in the form of Thali (equivalent to a ring in a marriage) for all brides getting married (AIADMK)
  • A cow free of cost to each family (DMDK – Vijayakanth)
  • The latest in the list that I just heard a few minutes back- A computer for every student who graduates from high school. (AIADMK)

Maybe there is more to the list. If anyone is aware, feel free to add them. In a way, it is good that the election day is near. Otherwise, who knows what these people will come up next 🙂


4 Responses to “Election promises”

  1. ShivA said

    What if i needed an ipod instead of a color tv…do we have an option with that? :p

  2. I wish they had some options… poda… already things are getting from bad to worse… the election got over and there was abt 65% polling.. decent compared to prev elections. have to wait until 11th to see who comes out on top.

  3. Loori said

    Actually there has been 70% polllling.. all electroni.c… and very stringent BG tests. :). I could vote just by producing my company ID tho’.

    So what do you think about Lok Paritran? I felt they were too arrogant and reminded me of Gandhi’s promises. I commend their effort… to throw away decently paying jobs to serve people? Ok fair enough… and also gratifying to note that middle class people have the financial security to opt for alternate low paying professions…

    I think this warrants a bit more research and a post… Shanky see u at Sanjay’s wedding… we had fun at Nana’s lots to tell you about Oops :-).

  4. Loori said

    And dei it was not 2 acres of land for EACH farmer family… basically tehre is a lot of cultivable land that is NOT being cultivated… THAT is what is being distributed. ANd you forgot about 10 k for each pregnant lady… 🙂 I was adstounded by the foresight.

    Today’s news is that DMK is thinking about beginnign talks to distribute the free color TVs. Phunny.


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