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Penetration of technology

Posted by Sankar on May 10, 2006

I went to a grocery shop here in Chennai for getting some stuff and I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of computers in the store. The shop is not a chain store or anything. It is just a normal “General merchant stores” that deals with groceries and other stuff for home needs. That’s the level to which the technology has penetrated in India.


What’s surprising even more is that both the comps that I saw had flat plans on them. Even most households with computers haven’t migrated to flat panels.

Shop Photo2

This is really a good sign to see that technology is penetrating to the lower levels that signifies growth and that people are getting more and more knowledgeable.

PS: Both photos were taken from my mobile phone (SonyEricsson K750i) camera. I got it a few weeks back and this has been first real use of the camera. Hope to use it more often for my blog here.


2 Responses to “Penetration of technology”

  1. ShivA said

    yay! now we can get to see more pics from our home city !!! computers i can understand but flat panels !! now we are talkin 😉

  2. India is definitely moving up fast technology wise with a lot of IT jobs from the western world being outsourced to India and freelance websites full of IT people from India.

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