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Google hits back at Microsoft

Posted by Sankar on May 29, 2006

Tech companies are vying for valuable desktop real estate space in order to grab the attention of millions of PC users worldwide.

Recently, Microsoft announced that the default search engine in IE 7 would be MSN Search. This angered most of the competitors including Google whose major chunk of income came from search. Google now has hit back at Microsoft by signing a deal with Dell to preload Google Desktop, Google Toolbar and the defaulting the search option to that of Google. With Dell being the major shareholder in US PC market, Google is surely set to gain some customers back.

This might just spark off a war between various companies competing for the desktop real estate. It will be interesting to see how this goes forward.


2 Responses to “Google hits back at Microsoft”

  1. Prashanth said

    Hasn’t MSN always been the default search engine in IE? Why all the extra fuss about it?

  2. Yeah.. I know. That’s why I was surprised when Google filed a monopoly suit against Microsoft over IE 7. It has always been MSN. Maybe I am missing something here…

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