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What a weekend…

Posted by Sankar on June 12, 2006

What a weekend it has been for sports lovers!!! Too many things to watch and too little time…

It all started on Friday evening with FIFA worldcup kicking off.

Then on Saturday, we had the qualification of F1 race, Cricket match between India and WI (Shewag rocked!!!!) and French open women's Final and ofcourse FIFA worldcup matches.

Sunday was even better. We had the F1 race, French open men's final (Nadal's dream run continues), the 2nd day of the match between India and WI and world cup matches.

But all the events were in the evening times IST and pretty much had to shuffle between 4 different channels… 🙂

Anyway, it was great. The next 30 days or so is going to be full of worldcup action and I hope Brazil goes all the way!!!

PS: Amidst all these, I also managed to see a couple of movies (MI3 and Pudhupettai)


3 Responses to “What a weekend…”

  1. ShivA said

    oh and you missed NBA man ! Go Shaq !

  2. ShivA said

    and ofcourse the double whammy of Redsox games on Sunday 🙂 it was a dream run :p

  3. CS Shyam Sundar said

    Gr8: You must actually MANAGED to see those 2 movies., coz’ they really suck.

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