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Weekend Trip

Posted by Sankar on June 22, 2006

This weekend, I had gone to Coimbatore to attend a friend’s reception. Well, that is just an excuse to get out of Chennai. We spent most of the time roaming around. We had gone to Black Thunder. We also went to some forest near Pollachi which was very good.

I had taken my digicam to take photos. But after about a day and half of hard hitting, the camera couldn’t take it anymore. It shut down due to lack of battery. And guess what came to the rescue 🙂 Sony Ericsson K750i. The photos below were taken in the mobile and this is the first time since I got the phone that I put it to a real test with respect to photos. I am pretty much impressed. Some of the landscape photos were really good.



But I was very much impressed by the mobile’s ability to process photos on the fly. The photo below is a panaromic one that is made up of three individual ones. The phone allows a max of 3 photos for a panaromic image and the photos were stiched (the term for combining the photos) on the fly and saved as a panaromic image.


Click on the photos to view larger images. To view the complete set visit
Photos hosted at


3 Responses to “Weekend Trip”

  1. talking abt flickr tags…..I had chosen a unique tag kovai2006, so that i could link it with sankys photos. Sanky has taken the clue and posted his photos with the same tag. So now others can view the entire photoset at this link:

    sony K750i is very useful as a backup camera. It was heartbreaking to see its price drop to Rs.10,500 this week. I got it for 13k and sanky had got it for 16k.

  2. Surya said

    Hey nice blog. have u been to hyd ?

  3. Praveen said

    The pics are grt ….couldnt believe they were taken from the sony k750i….

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