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Movie Review: Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi

Posted by Sankar on July 14, 2006

This is the 21st century equivalent of “Enga Veetu Pillai” set in a historical background with a comical flavor. The storyline is very similar.

Twins are born. One is weak and stupid and the other is strong and intelligent. The stronger one is separated from the family by the uncle so that he can control the wealth (kingdom in this movie) with the weaker one. The twins (after they have grown up) exchange places. They take revenge on the uncle. All is well that ends well!!! That’s the entire movie in a couple of lines.

The movie is just average. It was definitely not upto the hype that was surrounding it. There are just a few (maybe 2 or 3) scenes where you can really enjoy the joke and laugh. Otherwise, it is just ok. And most of the scenes are boring and you have to sit through it with pain. The songs could have been avoided.

There are a couple of scenes where Vadivelu makes a mockery of the Government employees and the Government as a whole.

a) He teases the Govt employees of not doing work and coming to the office at 9.10 AM and leaving at 5.00 PM with a hour of lunch break.
b) He makes fun of the process of tenders for different government contracts and how things.
c) He also hits out at the movie stars and sports personalities who promote inferior products for the sake of money.

Overall, the director has “tried” to make a full length comedy just like old times along with some message… but it could have been done better. It is not a must watch, but can be watched with a very brave heart. 


10 Responses to “Movie Review: Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi”

  1. ok said was supposed to be a comedy.. looked like a drama with few comedy scenes..but a good break from “daada” movies..

  2. Loori said

    Yes watched the movie.. and felt it required a lot of pruning.. actually teh whole movie could have been pruned…. the only thing that stood out in the movie was I think Vadivelu’s tummy…

  3. john said

    the movie was nice and amazing

  4. rajan said


  5. A must see film by all Indians. Lot of similarities between british colonial period and the present neo-colonial situation. Gapsi and Akkamala drinks are Pepsi and Coke. These drinks are degrading the health of the youngsters and culturally destroys the country. Previously one company called “East India Company” plundered the wealth of the country with Queen Victoria as head. Now Multi National Companies are plundering the wealth of the nation through trade agreements(GATT, TRIPS doctrined by WTO, World Bank). Its a very brave theme mixed with comedy. We should appreciate Producer Shankar and Director Chimbu Devan for this film.

  6. pasuba said

    Pepsi and coca cola are dangerous drink that no one should drink it. The making of Gapsi and akkamala are thoughtful and humorous. The actresses, actors and sports person getting beating from the king is simply superb. I love it. Here the Aishwarya Rai, Sharukh, Aamir, Rani mukerjee, Sachin are advertising this cheap drink, which is not only degrading the health of the youths, but also plundering the Indian soft drink market by closing all the erstwhile swadeshi brands.

  7. Murali said

    Guys, This movie is amazing. the comedy, the timing and vadivel’s acting all require praise. I am so tired of watching tamil movies with “dada” concept as told by some one above. If you like variety and originality, this is a good one to watch. if you are an ordinary viewer looking at flying heroes and one man hitting 100 and stuff. it is not for you.

    I am waiting for tamil movie to mature. while hindi and telugu are faring better , tamil movies have drained over the last years. I am sick and sick of hero being a rowdy. why cant they just think something… Crap.

    23rd pulikesi is good man.

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