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AMD acquires ATI

Posted by Sankar on July 24, 2006

This news has been on the rounds for a while now. Today, it was officially confirmed by AMD.

But I am not sure as to what made AMD go towards ATI instead of nVidia. AMD and nVidia shared a great partnership. The nForce series of motherboard chips for AMD was one the best combo in recent years. Of course, better chips have come out. But the nForce chips are on par with other chipsets still.

Anyway, I hope this new partnership turns out to be fruitful to both AMD and ATI and the industry as a whole. I can’t imagine the new possibilities with this new venture. There were already some news about a separate Floating Point chip to handle tasks like video encoding, graphics processing etc.

I have been a long fan of AMD and I am really excited about the forthcoming CPUs/GPUs etc.


2 Responses to “AMD acquires ATI”

  1. 1. nvidia is just too expensive.
    2. ati-intel contract was getting over
    3. i still think nvidia will continue to make chipsets for amd. y not…its still profitable.
    4. intel will never buy nvidia… already has a graphics chip unit. intel and nvidia were also fighting
    5. amd gains, ati gains….its a win-win situation

  2. […] I had written about AMD acquiring ATI just a couple of weeks back and they have already announced what’s in the pipeline. […]

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