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AMD-ATI to make a GPU on a CPU

Posted by Sankar on August 17, 2006

I had written about AMD acquiring ATI just a couple of weeks back and they have already announced what’s in the pipeline.

A single chip containing the CPU, GPU, chipset as well as a memory controller. This will reduce the cost and I am guessing that it will increase the performance (esp in games) as the data transfer bottleneck will be eliminated.

But this rises more questions.

a) If such a chip comes out, then the whole open standards of the PC will be gone. People may not have the option to go for nVidia cards with AMD chips (unless there is an option to disable the GPU present within the CPU). Of course there should be AMD chips without the GPU.
b) Even if the built in GPU is used, will the chip’s capabilities be on par with external cards? The reason is that current high end graphics cards have upto 512 MB of memory for their own apart from the memory used by the system. With such a unified chip, how will the memory be used? Will it work like today’s GPU’s built onto the board that shares the RAM?
c) Then comes the issue of upgrading… Upgrading the CPU/GPU will force me to upgrade the other even though I may not need it.

We will have to wait and see where this all goes… but the whole idea looks great.

AMD-ATI to make a GPU on a CPU


One Response to “AMD-ATI to make a GPU on a CPU”

  1. sanjay said

    I think back to the days when we had a list of 13 or 14 components to make a PC. Already, most boards boast dual LANs and HD audio. If this new CPU-GPU-Mem Controller combo clicks, we will soon have a MAC like PC.

    One other thing, if we buy a CPU-GPU, will it use the RAM for graphics or what?

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