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NewYork Nagaram…

Posted by Sankar on August 23, 2006

I just learnt that the NewYork Nagaram song from “Jillendru Oru Kaadhal” was actually written first and then the music was composed. This is something that the tamil film industry has lost touch with for a long time. These days, the music is composed and what ever words fit into the music are put in… Hence the horrible lyrics for 90+% of the songs these days.

Interesting to note that this song was done the old way!!!

Update (10/5/2006): This post has been getting too many hits and most people have been looking for the actual lyrics. So I looked up the web and found this post with the lyrics in tamil for the song. In case you are looking for the Engligh translation, you can look up here.


5 Responses to “NewYork Nagaram…”

  1. ShivA said

    i thought ARR was the one who put a stop to that i think….but all is good now I guess :)..but pliss to tell what the hell the lyrics are heeheh…

  2. sachinsucks said

    Interesting. It’s a beautiful song. I love the music – can’t speak the language, though.

  3. Loori said

    Hey ARR was nto the first person who put a stop to it… do you think people really wrote ‘laalaku Dol Dappi Ma” and then set the music for it ?

    :-)… THe trend was started with MS V and perfected by Illayaraaja. ARR just perfected it. Now songs don’t even need lyrics.

  4. […] My previous post on the NewYork Nagaram song has been getting too many hits (refer the stats below) ever since it was posted (courtesy of search engines). From looking at the search strings, I think people have been looking for the actual lyrics of the song here, which I did not have. […]

  5. McQueen said

    hey, i love it…but where is the lyrics

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