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Did Microsoft mess up Xbox 360’s launch in India???

Posted by Sankar on September 25, 2006

Or are they taking it lightly??? I had read that XBOX 360 was going to be launched on 23rd of this month in India… But apart from that, there was no information on the launch or anything else for that matter. I hope it was launched…

There were no ads on print media, Television or any other media… No news on where to buy them from? I mean, I have no issues with this. I get most of the information from various sources in the net as I spend 10+ hours a day in the comp. But that’s the not the case with most prospective buyers. Most people may not even be aware that it has been launched…

Even for me, I have doubts with respect to the XBOX live features here in India. Where do I get that clarified? I don’t know. Is there a retailer or store in Chennai that sells XBOX 360? I don’t know. Where do I get this information from? I don’t know. The official XBOX India site is pretty much useless…

Actually, I was expecting a separate inserts in the papers on Sat/Sun for promoting the product. I was disappointed. The last India – Australia cricket match on the recently concluded DLF cup would have been a great launch pad for the ads… but Microsoft didn’t think so. Either Microsoft is too confident or they just don’t care.

Anyone else from other cities across India… How is it been there? Maybe it is better in B’lore/Mumbai?


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