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Flooding of FM stations in Chennai

Posted by Sankar on October 2, 2006

Chennai just had Radio Mirchi and Suryan FM (apart from the one from All India Radio – AIR) a while back. Recently, two other stations have launched. And I am guessing that there are more in the pipeline.

Is it too many? Is it too little? How many is just right for a city like Chennai? Maybe other cities like B’lore or Mumbai already have more… I am not sure. But can it go on like this for long? I don’t know.

  • Radio stations are different here in India as compared to US. In US, each city has lot of stations, but they all have a set of listeners. Because each station airs a different genre of music ranging from Rock, Pop, Jazz, and so on… But that’s not the way it is in India. Any station in Chennai for example, is pretty much forced to play Tamil movie songs (ofcourse the one from AIR plays some English songs too). So every station ends up playing the same set of songs over and over again.
  • Radio is different from TV. Even if there are ‘n’ TV channels, each channel caters to different kind of audience (News, sports, movies etc). But in Radio, it is songs, songs and more songs.

So any station that you tune in, it is one song or the other that is playing. With no varied content, it could end up being boring after a while… We will have to wait and see how the industry pans out…


29 Responses to “Flooding of FM stations in Chennai”

  1. Loori said

    I think people listen to it for the RJs and not for the song. FM has some stellar PJs.. rigth from ‘Blade number one’.. who cracks jokes like..
    “idhu Ennanga Birf Flu Bird Flu nu solranga..
    Bird parakkama enna pannum???”

    And ofcourse
    Kittu Maama CHooChi maami…Car radio sellers rejoice everytime they come on air. Any unsuspecting listener is sure to break hsi car radio on listening to those two ‘B&^& TURDS talk.

    And they have an intense fan following too.. people who call up and say “Oh nethikku unga kooda pesadhadhu naala ennala thoongave mudila… ”
    I am reminded of Vijay quoting Vivek saying…
    Avangala madhiri theevira rasigargal irukkara varaikkum unna yaarum asaichukkamudiadhu asaichukamudiadhu…”

  2. loori… u r right abt the RJs… esp the ones on suryam FM are totally rejet. i just cant stand it… they talk all @#@$@@# and with their tones and accent (susi mami etc), it is totally horrible. but most ppl listen to suryan FM only for such talks…

  3. Manjarisri.R said

    Hello Mr. Sankar, How r u ?

    What u say is right. all the people are like FM because they know whenever we want to go keep with us.

    Obviously , they are giving a variety of entertainment really it is a great thing at the same time we will learn some new thing.i mean FM news is like a bbc world news. am i wright

    I really like the Kittu Mama Susi Maamy . i did not want to say it is a program . u know both are talking like a real life husband and wife . So i really like both of them .

    Thanking you

    Yours Friendly


  4. Tamizhan said

    hi guys
    if u say this has flooded chennai’s fm spectrum
    there are more radio stations on the pipe
    one called radio one is cominng soon, one by muthoot is coming soon

    Radiocity atleast changed teh content to hindi and english from teh other new fm channels

    Even hello fm was playing gud with niladri ( the king of RJs)

  5. manoj said

    hi! vanakkam chennai. hats off to the radio co’s who r cumin in to chennai.As somebody here said what’s the point in having so many channels if ur playing the same music (tamil) in all the channels. b different play hindi,english & tamil. comon guys pls. understand v live in a metropolitan city & the crowd v have is also cosmo.
    3 cheers to fm in chennai & letz hope to listen to some gud rj’ing & music .

    rock on guyz

  6. rakesh said

    Lots of fm channels u say. too little is what i will say.

    //Radio is different from TV. Even if there are ‘n’ TV channels, each channel caters to different kind of audience (News, sports, movies etc).
    now thats interesting seeing that almost all the tamil channels and hindi channels air nothing but soaps with almost the same amount of sobbing etc, the only difference is that each show has a diff name. What u r sayin is that there are other channels offering different things.

    So lets hope people venturing into the airwaves try something new. I am all ears for a channel airing full time english music ;-). As of now i’ll settle for AIR’s 7-9pm english music, which has been my favourite fm channel since the time i arrived in chennai.

  7. Mohamed Abdullah said

    Dear R.M. RJ’s i really miss u all iam un dubai now. Hear its really had to spend time without hearing the our voice specially my sweet “Chuci”
    When iam working in chenni right from morring to evening (Even from my office) i used to hear the our program. but now i really miss u all.

    you R Doing Good Job For Chennai Goahead.

    Yours Abdullah M.B.A

    plz forward any new programs details if u introduce there i will send to my friends

  8. kiran said

    please tell me the time of hindi songs in chennai radio station

  9. X said

    hi sankar
    stumbled upon your blog!radio is looking crowded cos every station is doing the same thing-films,jokes,sms contests and radio which is still very immatured,the moment u have someone or everyone dishing out different content,the space automatically gets big,you can look forward to that with Muthoots new radio station(name of the station will be disclosed soon) which will be on-air by for me i’m in the radio business myself!
    great space-keep it goin


  10. Veriyan said


    WHy cant cosmopolitism apply to Delli and Bombay, or even Bangalore as well.

    They dont play a single Tamil song.

    In Bambay, even English programs, cartoons are also Hindianized.

    Sure cosmopolitism should apply to those places.

    Or in the same taken, the Hindian progamming should be taken out of Tamil soil.

  11. Rama said

    Do we have any FM channel which will play only hindi songs

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  13. nellaimaran said

    Please ban all the hindi songs in chennai FM, we don’t want any hindi songs, now-a-days i able to hear to some FM airing hindi songs, will the same FM can air tamil songs in mumbai, delhi, bangalore

  14. Gopinath said

    listening to FM channels creates lot ot headache only. all the FM channels just imitate the same type of programme, which irritates lot.they dont think in different manner. just giving out garbages only. first of all i request all the RJ’s (except one or two)to speak in good language either its english or tamil. FM channels in no way differs from the city traffic, both gives ear blowing noise not against the FM radios, some channels like suryan FM and the FM rainbow irritates less when compared to others.

  15. Ramya nagarajan said

    hi friends,
    i feel fm’s in chennai r good to listen .but as some said little boring and sometimes irritating when they play some kuthu song in middle of some melodies.i want to become an rj if anybody knows about how to approach pls give some suggestions.cnt
    bye all.

  16. Ramya nagarajan said

    hi friends,
    i feel fm’s in chennai r good to listen .but as some said little boring and sometimes irritating when they play some kuthu song in middle of some melodies.i want to become an rj if anybody knows about how to approach pls give some suggestions.cnt
    bye all.

  17. amit said

    @nellaimaran & @Veriyan…..
    i think thats a very wrong attitude!!!
    now come on!! ,i cant ask for gujrati songs in mumbai…and certainly not bangla songs in delhi or punjabi songs in bangalore!!!
    being cosmoplotian refers to the fact that at any point of time .i find a station which does not play the local language!!!

    or else what will be the difference between a “metro” -chennai and the towns like jaipur,bhopal or patna where they play hindi songs on all stations like here in chennai…in tamil…..

    as a matter of fact in a week=24*7 hours out of which 150 hours will be only music ..*10 =1500 hours for all channels……
    100/150 hours of english music
    less than 50(if so) of hindi music….
    and 1300 hours of Tamil music…..

    now think about people who are fond of listening to radio but do not understand Tamil…
    and the extremists like yourselves on the other end who will probably slam their radio down if they hear tamil songs(trust me..there are people like this)…..

    the fun of radio lies in the abruptness of songs..or you could as well buy a music CD or something…which must not be spoilt…
    i still see hope in chennai,namma chennai

  18. amit said

    it is very sad to see that India is still divided…on religion,language,caste,and what not…
    its everywhere…and this is when I recall my first social Science class when they said India is a secular nation,…equal rights,…and what not…
    and we say we are united…

    but every person identifies himself by his community-which is good till clashes are avoided,but logically impossible…two people have problems in the way they eat,or say chew,or talk,where as religion or language is of a much higher level to cope up with….
    and i have been to different places in India…and nowhere is it different…and no section of people exist who do not have diferences with the counterparts….

    Its a shame that “educated”(which must tell you the difference between good and bad)people are not educated..and probably these people must try their best not to “educate” their children….so that we can actually become the greatest nation in the world…

    Like a dialogue in the movie Swades goes:”we are not a great country.No,we are not.But we have the ability to make ourselves the best “

  19. duraipandi said

    Mr amit says,”it is very sad to see that India is still divided…on religion,language,caste”
    yeah if hindi people forces other peoples to learn hindi and imposing their shit bollywood songs then surely one day or another day we’ll divide, already hindi has been imposed in our tamil people regions eg instructions in railway stations, in railway tickets tamil language has been skipped, in pan card, passport, post card, in currency note etc etc,u know much it hurts me the place where my tamil language should be there are been occupied by the hindi so sad,if we educated means it doesn’t mean that we have to forget tamil language, hindi a hopeless, baseless language, a prostitute language which doesn’t have proper root claiming as india’s langauge nonsense, hindi can shut it’s mouth in U.P, M.P and other parts in that case no harms to any language other wise surely problem will come for hindians like happen in Assam, maharastra etc one day or another day it will come in bangalore also u people are dicriminating the kanadigas in b’lore eg in FM/theater u never bends to learn the local langauge, one day war will broken out against the hindi speaking peoples in all states, wait for that

    • Prashant said

      @ duraipandi
      y the hell dont u go to the parliament and fight u foool!!!!!
      never claim ur educated cuz if this what education has given u, than im sorry ur tamil education is senseless.
      u live in the global world not in the ancient GROW UP..!!!!
      Hindi is the naitional Laungage, respect it. ur and my forefathers were not fools that they chose Hindi as the common launguage.. All the freedom fighters fought for India and not any particular state, so plz dont deteriorate our Indian culture by imposing ur senseless thoughts. Remember even u hv the same Indian Rupee note like any other state, Tamil is a regional Language..U understand REGIONAL..!!! So y the fuk will Tamil songs be played in Mumbai or Delhi u fool..! But Hindi is the National Launguage and by no means u can claim that Tamil Nadu shuldnt have Hindi Channels..
      Its a shame that living in 21st century u havent grown up, how the hell will u adjust abroad, (if u ever are able to go at the fisrt place..!) Sadly there ppl wont even knw abt Chennai and Tamil as comapred to They wuld knw abt Delhi and Hindi .. The point is RESPECT UR NATION as a whole..Ur passport has Indian Govenrment stamp on it first and then the STATES..!
      So for whatever reason ur living in this sublime world of urs Plz come out of it and grow up..I really hope u understand wat i meant.
      Anyways i feel pity on ur thinking and ideologies. What a shame!

  20. Amit said

    Hey Man,
    I am myself not a Hindi guy dude!!
    i am just saying there must be some more channels playing English music…and if possible some hindi music…i didnt know you have so much hatred towards Hindi speaking people…and i understand its difficult to be be called a foreigner in your own land…
    whatever ..i dont give a damn now..i am sorry if hindi music hurt your sentiments so much..

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  22. Andras said

    Great post on the subject. Rock music punk music – all the great stuff comes from bands who kick against the status quo.

    Andras session guitarist and rock guitarist

  23. Rengenx said

    Как душевно рассписано: навеяло слова из centr – “Спаси и сохрани меня и все мою семью!”. Спасибо.

  24. Rengenx said

    Пощелкал по рекламе. спасибо за пост

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  28. Suresh said

    Been listening to RJ Antony on Aahaa FM91.9….he is airing Rajangam programme for them….he has a very good soothing voice and presents information very nicely. I love his programme…if u get a chance u may tune in to 91.9 around 9 pm everyday

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