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Michael Schumacher…

Posted by Sankar on October 24, 2006

F1 will never be the same again with Schumi’s retirement. Here’s a list of records held by Schumacher. Truly outstanding. Some of these will definitely stand the test of time.

Total number of races contested/entered: 250 (2nd overall)
Total number of wins: 91
Total driver championships: 7
Consecutive championships: 5 (2000 – 2004)
Max number of wins in a season: 13/18 (2004)
Consecutive race wins: 7 (2004)
Max pole positions: 68/250
Fastest Laps: 76
Fastest Laps in a season: 10/18 (2004)
Podium finishes: 154/250
Podium finishes in a season: 17/17 (2002)
Consecutive podium finishes: 19 (2001-2002)
First row in starting grid: 108
Races finished in points: 190
Career points: 1369


One Response to “Michael Schumacher…”

  1. Naveen said

    I was looking for a complete details on Schumi stats! Found it here! Schumi has been more than this stats in some ways… Read more @ my blog

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