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I am on Vista… finally…

Posted by Sankar on November 29, 2006

I have finally installed Vista RC1. I had downloaded it long back when they had a public download on it, but didn’t install it because I did not have a good video card then. Also, my system specs was not great either.

Since I have built a new PC now, I directly installed Vista. Didn’t even try XP. And the results have been great so far. It takes a little time to get used to, but after that things go smoothly. There have been countless reviews of RC1 and even the RTM version. So I am not going to reiterate. But I noticed a couple of annoying stuff (like the screen getting blanked out for a second when asking for the admin password when tring to install something and then coming back again)… It is little bit annoying. I hope this was fixed in RTM. Another thing was frequent UAC warning. I read somewhere that this has been toned down a little bit in RTM.

Anyway, I will be exploring more and start installing the applications… will post more if I find something odd.

Have to try the Media center options and see how it works… that’s on the agenda for this weekend


One Response to “I am on Vista… finally…”

  1. ShivA said

    welcome to Vista buddy! I hate the UAC warning…ended up disabling it 😐

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