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Back from a hiatus…again…

Posted by Sankar on January 12, 2007

Not sure how many times I have to come up with similar titles for a post. 🙂 We had just settled in our new place and things were getting to normal… That’s when I was told that I had to leave to US for work related stuff. I was working on a US based project (like most s/w engineers in India) and I had to come to the client site. I was told about this with just about 3 weeks notice and since I was going to travel with my family, it was too hectic to plan the entire stuff.

Anyway, I came to US on 6th and I have to come to Lansing, MI. I haven’t gone around the town much yet, but it looks like this is an nice town. This is not too big like NewYork or Chicago and the life is not too fast. This not too small like Rolla (where I had studied few years back), assuming that you can call Rolla a town. My friends who had been there won’t probably call it a town.

I am yet to find an apartment here. I am currently in the hotel and I need to move to an apartment by next weekend.

I think I should be able to blog more often with a little extra time that I might get over here… Let’s see.


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