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Daylight savings time changes

Posted by Sankar on February 22, 2007

Effective from 2007, the US daylight savings time will start on March 11th (which is three weeks earlier than usual) and end on November 4th (which is one week later than usual).

There will be lot of applications that depend on these dates to adjust their time. But since these dates are being changed from this year, there patches that will need to be applied to make sure that your system is in sync. Two most common applications that will definitely need updates are Windows and Office. I am not sure about other OS…

1) Windows: Check the following link from Microsoft site. This will download the patch for your version of the OS and install it. I think the patch will be installed if you have automatic updates turned on. But it doesn’t hurt to test anyway. I am not sure if you need the patch if you are not in the US timezone. You might want to check it out.

2) Office: I am guessing that you would need the patch for Microsoft Outlook even if you are not in US time zone, but are having meetings and appointments with people in the US. The calendars will need to be synced and this patch is required for that. Check the link below for the patch for Outlook.

There might be other applications that might need patches/updates. Will post when I learn something.


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