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India’s run at the World Cup is still alive!!!

Posted by Sankar on March 19, 2007

India is still in contention to enter the second round in the World Cup. India had to win today against Bermuda and they had to win it big. And they did that!!! India won by a huge 257 runs, which gives them a breather when run rate comes into play against Bangladesh at the end. Of course India has to beat Sri Lanka in their next match.

Anyway, check out for a list of records broken in today’s match. Pretty impresssive and great to see India achieve those.


2 Responses to “India’s run at the World Cup is still alive!!!”

  1. Howard Roark said

    The batting & the pacing of the innings were too good. The bowling of Munaf & Kumble was decent. Despite the so many +ves out of this victory, the fact remains that
    1) The bowling of Agarkar & Zaheer was pathetic. If it had been Australia, we would have ended up giving 400+ runs
    2) Sehwag still has a lot to prove against the tougher opponents

  2. Yeah… you are correct. I think the bowling was pretty ordinary. SL bowled out the same team for less than 100… I thought India would be able to do the same which would give then a better NRR….
    And it is not the question of Sehwag proving against tougher opponenents. He has done that several times and he is very much capable of it. It is just that he has to get back to form. And this match got him some time in the middle which will help a lot in his confidence and might be a huge factor for the game against SL.

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