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A new domestic cricket league in India

Posted by Sankar on April 3, 2007

I always thought that India should have a better system for domestic cricket to recognize talented players. We have the Ranji’s and Duleep’s and lot of other tournaments. But somehow, these do not get the due attention of the media as well as the public. There is lot of money with BCCI (the richest board), but the money doesn’t get translated into facilities for the state level teams. This is where we have to groom upcoming players, but BCCI is more interested to milk money out of the existing players (and their popularities).

A system similar to NFL and NBA in the US could help the domestic cricket get its due attention. The local facilities could get improved drastically. Each team (coach and manager) should be accountable for its performance.

The Zee group has taken the first step towards this. I really wish that the system is properly put in place and is implemented. I think the PHL (hockey league from ESPN – Star Sports) was something similar to this. Even though hockey doesn’t have the same fan following as cricket, I believe PHL has improved the situation. People get to watch hockey in TV which was not the case before even for international matches played by India. So if the cricket league gets going, it could pave way for lot of changes in the near future.


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