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The mobile phone is no longer just a phone…

Posted by Sankar on June 13, 2007

We all know that mobile phones these days are no longer just phones. They do a whole lot of other stuff apart from making and receiving phone calls. CNet has an article on what the phones will do in 10 years… Some of these features are already available now, but some are in early stages of development.

A new technology standard called “near-field communications,” or NFC, will turn cell phones into credit or debit cards. A chip is embedded in a phone that allows you to make a payment by using a touch-sensitive interface or by bringing the phone within a few centimeters of an NFC reader. Your credit card account or bank account is charged accordingly.

10 things your phone will do in 10 years


2 Responses to “The mobile phone is no longer just a phone…”

  1. tamgo said

    It’s only a natural evolution. As hardware shrinks more and more we have mobile devices that can do the tasks that our PC’s were responsible for doing a couple of years ago. It’s not only mobile phones. There are a bunch of task specific devices that despite being mobile are very powerful. A few examples: PDA’s, MP3 players, etc.

    If we already have to carry around a phone all day, then that’s a perfect place to put in all of these other products and services you can consume as well. After all, it really is just a little computer that runs on a battery after all.

    I agree with you. This innovation will only continue to grow in the future. With advances miniaturization, who knows what these guys will put unto phones (and other devices) 5 – 10 years from now.

  2. Yes. I have been using a camera phone for more than a year now and I feel it is really useful.

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