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Movie Review – Sivaji

Posted by Sankar on June 17, 2007

I am sure that by the time I publish this, there will be hundereds of sites/blogs with the review for Sivaji. This is by 2 cents…  

And I just don’t know what to say… seriously. I am not sure what to say about the movie.


If you go to the movie because you are a Rajni fan or you want to watch Rajni, then you will walk out happy.

If you go to the movie because you want to watch Shankar’s movie, then you might be disappointed.

If you want to continue reading the review, please do select all (Ctrl – A). Warning… spoilers ahead!!!

The movie’s theme came out long back. It is about the problems faced by a man trying to do good to the society and how he overcomes them. Well… this is the basic theme in most of the movies from Shankar. And I don’t mind that. His previous social subjects were atleast a little different from each other. But this movie is a little too extreme.

Take Arjun out of Gentleman and put Rajni and you will end up with Sivaji. Kicha (Arjun) takes (steals) about 45 crores from bad guys and then builds one medical college. It has been 10+ years since Gentleman and the amount has risen 1000 times. Sivaji steals 45000 crores (all black money) from the bad guys and then builds universities, hospitals etc etc all over the country. You get to see the usual scenes that you will see in any tamil movie… common people crying to release the hero etc etc.

Rajni is his usual stuff. He looks a lot younger and that’s nice. His on-screen presence is as usual great and like I mentioned before, if you go to the movie for watching Ranji, you will come out happy.

Shreya is a typical tamil movie heroine. Not much of role except for the songs.

Suman plays the villan in this movie. Lately, the villans or other characters are the ones that have stood out in Rajni’s movies. Neelambari in Padaiyappa, Chandramuki (Jyothika) in Chandramuki etc. Even in this, Suman’s character will definitely stand out. He has done a great job and has played the soft spoken villan vey well. I have heard that Mohanlal, Amitabh and even Sathyaraj were asked for this role. I am sure all of them would have suited perfectly for this rule as a soft-spoken villan. Shankar has done a great job in moulding this character.

The comedy is definitely above par and Vivek has done a good job. There are certain scenes where you can really laugh.

The other parts of the movie are typical of a Shankar’s movie. Great. He has done a super job with the songs… I especially like the style song. Very nicely done!!! And the movie is technically great. The visuals are awesome. The art  direction, editing etc are all great.

Just like any other Shankar or Ranji movie, the movie is logically flawed. But I am sure most people (including me) won’t mind it. We don’t go for logic. We go for Rajni and Shankar.  

Sivaji utters the “cool” word several times in the movie which is really an overkill and gets boring after the first couple of times. Not sure why Shankar went with it… Some scenes are really boring (where shreya removes her half-saree to stop the train), the scenes with Solomon Poppaya and Raja etc could be avoided.

Overall, I am sure that we can definitely watch the movie. It is not bad, but it is definitely not great.

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6 Responses to “Movie Review – Sivaji”

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  3. Susan said

    Yay, this one is my favorite!!! I love it! 😀

  4. i always look for a good movie review first before watching new movies ..

  5. Basin Taps said

    i can see a lot of movie reviews on the internet and i usually buy dvd movies with great reviews ;`*

  6. Aquamarine. This is new school.

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