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Rajni’s next film?

Posted by Sankar on June 19, 2007

If you visit any website that caters to news from India, chances are that you will see atleast a couple of articles on Sivaji and Rajni… Anywhere and everywhere, it is Sivaji and Rajni.

Anyway, this post is not related to that. While I was reading one of these several articles, I came across this piece of information.

Yet, the film is not just likely to recover its costs, it could end up making a whooping Rs 150 crore in the first three weeks alone. And Rajni is using the hysteria around Sivaji to promote his next film, Sultan: The Warrior, in the form of a 45-second teaser in screens screening his film.

Does anyone know about this. This is a surprise to me as Rajni hardly announces a new film within days of release of his previous film and yet this article claims that teasers are already being screened for the upcoming movie. I didn’t see any when I watched the movie in Detroit, MI.

Can anyone from Chennai or elsewhere throw more light on this?


2 Responses to “Rajni’s next film?”

  1. Sultan is the overhyped animated film that Rajni’s daughter is doing. As usual, the media goes gaga over anything that his name is linked to. I have no doubt in my mind that it will be utterly crappy. The only highlight is that its gonna have music by Rahman.

  2. Oh..ok. I read about the animated film… but didn’t know the name. From what the article said, it looked like it was Rajni’s next film.

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