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Ooh.. La…La…La

Posted by Sankar on August 4, 2007

This is the name of a talent hunt show that has been coming in Sun TV for the past couple of weeks. It is a show where a band (not an individual) has to showcase its musical talent.


Sun TV has roped in big names like A. R. Rahman, Sivamani, Shankar Magadevan and Vasundhara Das for the show. The last two weeks has been like a teaser with the show being launched and information about the contest being shared etc.

The contestants are really enthu about the whole contest and it is great. Shows like this helps them showcase their talents and also gives them the necessary exposure. There are other shows/contests that cater to individual talents, but this one is different as it caters to bands. It is good that the channel has come out with something like this. The show enters the quaterfinal stage with 18 bands and that number will come down as weeks pass by.

My only concern: I hope Sun TV doesn’t get into the whole reality show thing. I just hope that this doesn’t turn in to one of those reality shows that concentrates more on the emotions and stuff between the partipants. I am keenly looking forward to a great and healthy competition as well as some great music.


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