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Ooh…La…La…La episodes

Posted by Sankar on August 8, 2007

I forgot to mention in my previous post. The episodes of this new band hunt show is available at the official site . If you are not in India and don’t have access to Sun TV, this is a very good (and official) source to watch these episodes.

Direct Link: and click on TV Episodes on the navigation menu. High speed connection required though. 🙂


6 Responses to “Ooh…La…La…La episodes”

  1. pradeep said

    watched the 1/4 final episode. i thought agam was really good. v3 won bcos their composition was really good. i hated that guy who sang for v3. his voice really sucked. little masters was avg.

  2. Siva said

    the program was super.. a must watch category and when it has the blessings of the mozart of Asia it is one of the best programs in the music space in the Indian TV industry…

  3. Sankar said

    @Pradeep: even I thought that agam was good. but i think the judges were really impressed with v3’s singer primarily. Even vasundra das mentioned that in her comments. do watch the entire episode if you get a chance.
    and how is little peps doing?

    @Siva: yeah. this is one of the best programs out there right now. Hope it continues the same tempo.

  4. pradeep said

    common guys…..i thought that the presentation was very tacky. they need to kick out the compere. vijay tv does a great job with these kind of shows. junior super singer was really very well done. though they started milking it in the end. i did see the entire quarter final episode and i still think v3 was lucky. lets see how the other quarter final teams fare.

  5. Siva said

    I agree with you Pradeep on the compere..they are no way near to the quality of the program or that of Vijay TV’s compering…my comment was only from the content perspective of the program which was good.. I also agree Agam was good but they were only carnatic based and as the judges mentioned they need to be versatile..On V3 I tend to like the lead signers voice and attitude.. he showed lot of attitude (he was not trying to act smart on stage).. his body language and attitude was very much in line with the program and energy poured into the singing.. since he was able to show voice range in the two songs it was good and also the whole band did excel in all fronts.. there was a good mix…thats my view..I agree we need to wait and watch the rest of the teams but this is definitely different from all the music programs we have seen till now…

  6. Sankar said

    Vijay TV always had good programs, but they never had the marketing capability or the reach as Sun TV. Hence they never became that popular. Maybe things have changed in the last 6+ months… They also had a few game shows which were new and interesting, but never kicked off.
    Waiting to see how the next quaterfinal pans out…

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