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Oohlalala – 2nd Quaterfinal

Posted by Sankar on August 16, 2007

I thought I had posted this, but looks like I forgot 😦 Better late than never since the next episode will be aired in a couple of days.

Honestly, I think that the teams in the first quaterfinal were better than the ones in this quaterfinal. This episode had Oxygen, Route 10 and Innovusions. These teams were equally poised and none of the teams dominated the rounds in this quaterfinal. Oxygen went on to go to the next round, while the other two got eliminated.

But I especially liked the first song of Innovusions. They did not have much (any) vocal in it and it was a complete instrumental piece and was very well done.  But Vasundra Das shot back saying that they should have used the vocal more prominently… come on.. let them be a little creative. Isn’t that the whole contest about. The other compositions were pretty good too, but I liked the one from Innovusions better.

Looking forward to the 3rd quaterfinal and hoping that the teams outdo the ones in the first two quaterfinals.


3 Responses to “Oohlalala – 2nd Quaterfinal”

  1. pradeep said

    This quarter final was quite crappy. So far we have not got a band which has got everything right…..if they have good composer, their vocals are bad and vice versa. so far in both the episodes, i hated the team that won. the team that won this time was really crappy. wat was that? noise? the guy on the flute with innovusions was really good. innovusions deserved to win this time. i guess the judges suck!

  2. Sankar said

    yeah peps… like I said, the teams in the first quaterfinal were definitely better that the ones in this episode. even I thought that innovusions were better, but donno why oxygen got the go ahead.
    can’t say that the judges suck… bcos they are talented ppl for sure and we all know that.
    Let’s wait and see how the next episode goes.

  3. Umesh said

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