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थिस इस अवेसोमे… रेअल्ल्य गूढ़.

Posted by Sankar on August 18, 2007

Check this out. Google Indic Transliteration. Gives the hindi word as you type in english…

just in case,  you don’t know hindi, the title of this post is “This is awesome… really good”. It is not a translation… just the same words represented in hindi language.

I am guessing that this might be the Independence day present that Google was talking about. I am not sure though.

Looking forward to the tamil version of the same.


2 Responses to “थिस इस अवेसोमे… रेअल्ल्य गूढ़.”

  1. Siva said

    Interesting one from Google.. as you said I am waiting for the Tamil version of this one.. 🙂

  2. Howard Roark said

    This hindi conversion tool is just too good. A crude version of the tamil tool is available here.


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