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Movie Review – Chak De India

Posted by Sankar on August 24, 2007

This movie isn’t any different from other movies that is based on sports. The hero (main character) loses early on and how he fights back and regains victory and glory forms the rest of the story. 

SRK after losing in the hockey finals of world championship is defamed, thrown out of the game. How he comes back and coaches the women’s team to win the world championship forms the movie.

Chak De India

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Here are some good things about the movie:

1) There is no heroine and this helps the movie to focus on the story rather than romance and stuff.
2) There aren’t any songs (meaning songs as such) and this definitely helps to maintain the tempo of the movie. There are a couple of songs that blends with the movie and hence it doesn’t affect the flow.

It is really good that the above two elements have been eliminated from a movie coming out of Bollywood. Wish other directors also take such bold decisions.

3) Hindi movies have definitely come a long way with respect to being more mature. I really wish that the tamil movies take some out of these ones.

There are a couple of scenes where the Indian cricket team is mocked at, but it was put in a very subtle manner 🙂

The casting is really good. With the way the girls played/acted, it looked like some of them really knew how to play hockey (at least a little bit). Unlike some movies, in which the hero being the basketball champion, doesn’t even know how to dribble the ball 😆

Overall, it is a clean movie with nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely doesn’t bore you out. The movie is worth a watch and do watch in theatre if you get a chance.


5 Responses to “Movie Review – Chak De India”

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  2. Siva said

    looks like a simple movie but a real good one.. will watch it..

  3. Sankar said

    Siva, yeah. The movie is very simple and easy on us. Definitely worth a watch. But like I said, watch it in theatre as you will enjoy the background score better.

  4. Chak de India is a very good movie. I watched it for 5 times! Bollywood should come with such a bold and new subjects. People will definately accept such a good films.

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