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Ensemble Studios is getting shut down :(

Posted by Sankar on September 22, 2008

Ensemble Studios, the studios behind the successful Age of Empires series and games like Age of Mythology is apparently closing down. I just read about this earlier today and it was definitely a shocker. The age of empires series is one of the most popular RTS games and a very profitable one too. Currently, they are working on a RTS version of Halo called Halo Wars. It looks like Microsoft Game Studios (which owns Ensemble Studios) is shutting it down after the completion of Halo Wars 😦

Check out the post here.

I just hope that they are just being absorbed into MSG and not really being shut down…


5 Responses to “Ensemble Studios is getting shut down :(”

  1. FreeRangeAuthor said

    This should be a major warning to any successful game studios who get approached by Microsoft – they are NOT a reliable “safe harbor” partner.

    Commercial success is of no concern to Microsoft after their bean counters run your business through their black box analysis.

    This is classic corporate predation – “buy your successful competition, then shut them down”.

    As a customer of many games, I urge any successful games studios to decline any offers of ownership from Microsoft – your days of development will soon be counted short.

    — Seattle

  2. uzer said

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