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Review system for cricket

Posted by Sankar on June 18, 2008

ICC finally did some thinking and is trying a review system where the players can ask the on-field umpires decision to be reviewed. I had already written about this in an earlier post titled “Using technology in sports“.

The system is going to be put on trials in the upcoming test series between India and Sri Lanka in July. Each team can make upto three unsuccessful requests in an innings. Good to see that something positive is happening and hope the trials prove successful and the review system is made a permanent part of cricket.

Check out the article at cricketnext for more information on this.


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Using technology in sports

Posted by Sankar on September 8, 2007

I have been watching the US Open the last couple of weeks and was pleasantly surprised to find that players were given opportunities to challenge the referee’s decision. Once a challenge is made, the location of the pitch of the ball is projected, animated and displayed on the screen and the decision is reversed if required. All this takes less than 30 secs probably. I feel this is healthy to the sport. Even though each tennis court has about 5-6 people calling the shots and a referee, the technology that is available to enhance the sport is being used effectively.

I really wish that cricket also takes a cue from this and enables the use of technology. The key points that can be raised by people against this are:

  • Cricket is a gentleman’s game – This is stupid. I mean really stupid. I mean this could have been the case a century back. Like in the days of Lagaan ūüôā The game is no longer like that. It is a sport and there are billions of people following the game.
  • Allowing the players to challenge the umpire is not correct and plays down the importance of them – This is even more stupid. I mean no one is going to take away the credit from the umpires. They can and will still call the shots. But when there is a doubt, why not use the technology. I mean, they are already doing this (3rd umpire), but why not broaden the usage. After all, the umpires are also humans and they do make mistakes and everyone knows (from the replays of several decisions) that such thing happens.
  • Allowing the players to challenge will slow down the game – This is correct to an extent. But the technology is so advanced these days that the challenges won’t take more than a minute. The rules can restrict the number of challenges per team per game. So that way, the teams don’t end up challenging each and every decision.
  • Another factor is that Cricket is the only team sport with the least number of people officiating on the field as compared to Tennis, Soccer, NFL, NBA etc. So with this less number of people, why not use the technology…

Let’s hope that ICC starts thinking for the good of the sport rather than think of generating more income.

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A new domestic cricket league in India

Posted by Sankar on April 3, 2007

I always thought that India should have a better system for domestic cricket to recognize talented players. We have the Ranji’s and Duleep’s and lot of other tournaments. But somehow, these do not get the due attention of the media as well as the public. There is lot of money with BCCI (the richest board), but the money doesn’t get translated into facilities for the state level teams. This is where we have to groom upcoming players, but BCCI is more interested to milk money out of the existing players¬†(and their popularities).

A system similar to NFL and NBA in the US could help the domestic cricket get its due attention. The local facilities could get improved drastically. Each team (coach and manager) should be accountable for its performance.

The Zee group has taken the first step towards this. I really wish that the system is properly put in place and is implemented. I think the PHL (hockey league from ESPN – Star Sports) was something similar to this. Even though hockey doesn’t have the same fan following as cricket, I believe PHL has improved the situation. People get to watch hockey in TV which was not the case before even for international matches played by India. So if the cricket league gets going, it could pave way for lot of changes in the near future.

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WI almost eliminated…

Posted by Sankar on April 2, 2007

The host jinx strikes again… this time it is West Indies. But for Sri Lanka in 1996, no host team has won the Cricket World Cup. The jinx hits WI this time. They have played 3 games in Super 8 and lost all of them. Going forward, there is a very remote chance for WI to enter the semis… apart from winning all the remaining games, they have to rely on other permutations and combinations¬†for certain teams to win certain matches. Anyway, let’s wait and watch.

But other than that, the matches are nicely poised and the other teams are headed to a close finish.

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Can Ireland create another upset by beating England???

Posted by Sankar on March 30, 2007

Chasing 267, Ireland are at 72/2 with a 50+ runs partnership for the 3rd wicket. They still have to score another 190+ runs in about 32 overs… It is about 6 per over, but with wickets in hand, can they do it?

Like they say anything is possible in cricket… just like India and Pakistan got thrown out of the tournament.

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World Cup – Super 8

Posted by Sankar on March 26, 2007

The tournament enters its next stage with Pakistan and India crashing out so early,¬† The Super 8!!! Just that there are two “so called” minnows in the so called “Super” 8.

India and Pakistan are the two Asian giants and probably the most crowd pulling teams. Both of them crashing out so early was not something that the tournament organizers hoped for. This was not something that the tournament sponsers had hoped for. This was not something that the companies holding the telecast rights had hoped for. This was not something that the advertisers had hoped for.

But cricket is cricket and as they say anything can happen. But now that the tournament has moved onto the next stage, there are some really great matches that we can look forward to, starting with the hosts taking on the mighty Aussies…

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India’s run at the World Cup is still alive!!!

Posted by Sankar on March 19, 2007

India is still in contention to enter the second round in the World Cup. India had to win today against Bermuda and they had to win it big. And they did that!!! India won by a huge 257 runs, which gives them a breather when run rate comes into play against Bangladesh at the end. Of course India has to beat Sri Lanka in their next match.

Anyway, check out¬†for a list of records broken in today’s match. Pretty impresssive and great to see India achieve those.

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Day of the minnows at the Cricket World Cup

Posted by Sankar on March 17, 2007

It has been the day of the minnows at the Cricket World Cup. What a day it has been!!! India lose to Bangladesh in their opening match in the world cup potentially throwing their chances at entering the second round. Ireland defeats Pakistan and makes them go out of the tournament after just a few days since the event started.

There have been upsets like this in previous world cups, but two on the same day and that too this early in the tournament is something that was not expected. Hope the tournament doesn’t pan out to be a boring one…

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Australia has been pushed down…

Posted by Sankar on February 18, 2007

Australia is no longer the top team in Cricket ODI as per the official ICC rankings. The recent losses against the English and Kiwis pushed them down to the 2nd spot behind South Africa.

Cricket ODI Ranking

Australia has been holding the No 1 spot since 2002 when the ranking system was introduced.

I am sure this means nothing to Australia as many would still consider them to be the best team out there. Maybe this is just a temporary drop… But this gives the other teams a little bit hope and confidence that Australia can be overcome.

Let’s wait and see what happens in the World Cup.

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Is it a bounceback for the Indian Cricket team?

Posted by Sankar on February 17, 2007

Just when everyone started dismissing India’s hopes for good world cup run this year, India have started to prove everyone wrong. But again, these wins are coming at home… India’s performance away¬†from home has been poor recently….

Anyway, the recent wins against West Indies and Sri Lanka will definitley be a boost of morale¬†for India’s campaign in the world cup.

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