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Is it time to reconsider Google?

Posted by Sankar on September 12, 2006

Well… The article at CNET thinks so. The author comes up with a host of other sites/services that are better than that of Google.

The article mentions that Yahoo Maps, Microsoft’s Windows Live Local, Yahoo Desktop Search and searches from are better than their Google counterparts. The article ends as follows.

“If you’re devoted to Google out of force of habit or some affinity to the brand, I submit that it’s time you re-examine your habits. Google is good, but it’s not worth unyielding devotion.”

I belong to the category of users mentioned above. I am used to Google so much that nothing else comes to my mind.


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Random Text(Image) generator !!!

Posted by Sankar on April 13, 2005

#flickrWords .flickrImg { float: left; }

Chalk TS\InformationS 


iThe Silvia


Flickr rocks (77)squared circle - from edward ruscha\OL

Generated using flickr API from

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Google Maps

Posted by Sankar on February 9, 2005

Google has once again proved that it is capable of delivering applications that appeal to everyone. It has released a beta version of Google Maps. On the outset, it is just like Yahoo Maps and Expedia Maps. But it has lot more!!!

  • Draggable Maps: The map section can be clicked and dragged to reveal the adjacent portions of the map and it is instantaneous. In other sites, you have to click and wait for the page to reload. Also, the movement is analogous and NOT discrete. This is definitely a better presentation.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Alternately, you can also use the arrow keys to navigate the map.
  • Integration with local search: Google Maps is tightly integrated with Google’s local search. So for example, you can search for “Pizza in [name of a place] ” and it will point to all pizza joints in the location with the address and phone number of each joint. Just click on a joint and get driving directions to/from it. Pretty cool!!!

Do check it out when you have time. You can also have a look at the tour and FAQ.


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New Microsoft Security Tools

Posted by Sankar on January 16, 2005

Microsoft has introduced new tools for better securing PCs.

  1. Microsoft AntiSpyware – A spyware detection/removal tool just like Ad-Aware and Spybot. I can definitely say that no one spyware removal tool is good enough. I have been using Ad-Aware and spybot. I will also start using Microsoft tool from now on. It is good and it did detect a couple of spyware that were not detected by Ad-Aware. It also features online updates just like the rest. The tool is still in beta, but very stable. I have been using it for about 3-4 days and I haven’t had any issues with it. You can download it directly from Microsoft AntiSpyware
  2. Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool – Another small tool from Microsoft that can be used to detect and remove Malicious Software like Blaster, Sasser, Mydoom and a few more. I think Microsoft has planned to release a version of the tool every month. Check it out at Malicious Software Removal Tool. The PC can be scanned either by downloading the tool (very small in size) or through an online scan.

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