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WordPress all time stats

Posted by Sankar on February 9, 2008

WordPress just expanded their stats page… the page now provides all time stats. I looked at the all time post count for the posts in this blog and noticed something interesting.

The top post is something on FM stations in Chennai. I thought so, since this is the post that receives maximum number of spam comments. The second spot was rather surprising… Review of Imsai Arasan movie. The movie itself was average/bad, but can’t believe that the post got so many hits. Review of Indiralogathil… already has so many hits within a week of the post. I am repeating again… Whatever it is, please don’t watch the movie.



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Movie Review: Indiralogathil Na. Azhagappan

Posted by Sankar on February 3, 2008

I don’t want to waste time writing a review for this movie. I am just doing my part in helping some of you.

Please don’t watch this movie. Please don’t even think of watching this movie. Please don’t even think of this movie. If you thought Imsai Arasan was average/bad, this is horrible. The only reason I stayed until the end of the movie was because my car was struck in the parking lot and had to wait until the movie got over 😦

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Fall photographs

Posted by Sankar on November 4, 2007

Some interesting fall photographs that I had taken on a recent trip to Upper Peninsula in Michigan, US. As usual, click on the image to see it in full size.


The next couple were taken with the camera placed on the road…. Just wanted to experiment with the framing a little bit 🙂




This is a typical close up shot of the leaves.




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Using technology in sports

Posted by Sankar on September 8, 2007

I have been watching the US Open the last couple of weeks and was pleasantly surprised to find that players were given opportunities to challenge the referee’s decision. Once a challenge is made, the location of the pitch of the ball is projected, animated and displayed on the screen and the decision is reversed if required. All this takes less than 30 secs probably. I feel this is healthy to the sport. Even though each tennis court has about 5-6 people calling the shots and a referee, the technology that is available to enhance the sport is being used effectively.

I really wish that cricket also takes a cue from this and enables the use of technology. The key points that can be raised by people against this are:

  • Cricket is a gentleman’s game – This is stupid. I mean really stupid. I mean this could have been the case a century back. Like in the days of Lagaan 🙂 The game is no longer like that. It is a sport and there are billions of people following the game.
  • Allowing the players to challenge the umpire is not correct and plays down the importance of them – This is even more stupid. I mean no one is going to take away the credit from the umpires. They can and will still call the shots. But when there is a doubt, why not use the technology. I mean, they are already doing this (3rd umpire), but why not broaden the usage. After all, the umpires are also humans and they do make mistakes and everyone knows (from the replays of several decisions) that such thing happens.
  • Allowing the players to challenge will slow down the game – This is correct to an extent. But the technology is so advanced these days that the challenges won’t take more than a minute. The rules can restrict the number of challenges per team per game. So that way, the teams don’t end up challenging each and every decision.
  • Another factor is that Cricket is the only team sport with the least number of people officiating on the field as compared to Tennis, Soccer, NFL, NBA etc. So with this less number of people, why not use the technology…

Let’s hope that ICC starts thinking for the good of the sport rather than think of generating more income.

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Wipro to open a development center in Atlanta

Posted by Sankar on August 28, 2007

Wipro Technologies is planning to open a development center in Atlanta and plans to hire 200 people to work at this center. It also plans to increase this number to 500 over the next three years. This is interesting because of the fact most companies shift the jobs to Asia to lower costs and Wipro is doing the opposite and this is what they have to say.

“The work we’re doing requires more and more knowledge of the customers’ businesses, and you want local people to do that,” said P.R Chandrasekar, President, Wipro Technologies Ltd. “The Atlanta center is an investment that will help Wipro’s existing customers as well as help address new business opportunities.”

Most Indian software companies already hire people out here, but those are for specific projects. I am not sure if any company has a dedicated development center here in the US. We will have to wait and see how this model works out for Wipro.

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Nikon Digital Learning Center

Posted by Sankar on August 25, 2007

I just came across Nikon Digital Learning Center . It has some photography tips and articles.

The articles are primarily grouped into 5 categories namely Action, Nature, People, Travel and Close Up. An “How Do I” section targets some basic stuff. There is also a section that is targetted on pros.

The site offers some nice selection of articles. Check it out.

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Movie Review – Chak De India

Posted by Sankar on August 24, 2007

This movie isn’t any different from other movies that is based on sports. The hero (main character) loses early on and how he fights back and regains victory and glory forms the rest of the story. 

SRK after losing in the hockey finals of world championship is defamed, thrown out of the game. How he comes back and coaches the women’s team to win the world championship forms the movie.

Chak De India

Image from

Here are some good things about the movie:

1) There is no heroine and this helps the movie to focus on the story rather than romance and stuff.
2) There aren’t any songs (meaning songs as such) and this definitely helps to maintain the tempo of the movie. There are a couple of songs that blends with the movie and hence it doesn’t affect the flow.

It is really good that the above two elements have been eliminated from a movie coming out of Bollywood. Wish other directors also take such bold decisions.

3) Hindi movies have definitely come a long way with respect to being more mature. I really wish that the tamil movies take some out of these ones.

There are a couple of scenes where the Indian cricket team is mocked at, but it was put in a very subtle manner 🙂

The casting is really good. With the way the girls played/acted, it looked like some of them really knew how to play hockey (at least a little bit). Unlike some movies, in which the hero being the basketball champion, doesn’t even know how to dribble the ball 😆

Overall, it is a clean movie with nothing out of the ordinary, but definitely doesn’t bore you out. The movie is worth a watch and do watch in theatre if you get a chance.

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Movie Review: Chak De India

Posted by Sankar on August 23, 2007

Just came back from watching this movie. I will write a detailed review in a day or two, but in short, it is good and definitely worth a watch.

Chak De India

Image from

Update: I have posted the review here.

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Google’s India special

Posted by Sankar on August 20, 2007

I had written about a post that I came across in Google Blog gift to Indian users. Today, they revealed that.

It is basically a gadget for iGoogle that will let you type and search in 14 Indian languages using an on-screen keyboard. The languages supported include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu in addition to few more languages.

Google OSK

The Hindi transliteration was also part of this gift, which I feel is really cool.

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थिस इस अवेसोमे… रेअल्ल्य गूढ़.

Posted by Sankar on August 18, 2007

Check this out. Google Indic Transliteration. Gives the hindi word as you type in english…

just in case,  you don’t know hindi, the title of this post is “This is awesome… really good”. It is not a translation… just the same words represented in hindi language.

I am guessing that this might be the Independence day present that Google was talking about. I am not sure though.

Looking forward to the tamil version of the same.

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