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Google Chrome – open source browser from Google

Posted by Sankar on September 1, 2008

A few years back I had blogged about some rumors in the industry about Google coming up with a browser. Well, it turned out to be a rumor then. But now, it looks like Google is coming up with a browser of its own. In fact, the browser is getting released as early as tomorrow. I hope this is not a rumor/hoax.

A fresh take on the browser

They also have a comic that highlights the features of the browser. Looking forward to trying it out. Firefox and IE especially have to be on their toes now.


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Firefox 3.0 – Initial thoughts

Posted by Sankar on June 19, 2008

It has been a couple of days since Firefox 3.0 was released and I have been using it since the release. I was a big fan of Firefox, but stopped using 2.0 because of memory hog issue. This has been fixed and 3.0 is much better in terms of memory handling.

One huge improvement is the way it processes javascript. So if you are big user of web 2.0 apps (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Reader etc), you will notice huge improvement in Firefox 3.0 compared to IE7. I use Google Reader several times a day and I was definitely impressed with the speed at which the pages were loaded in Firefox 3.0. Try it out and I am sure you will definitely notice the difference.

I think I might stay with Firefox for a while unless IE8 comes with a load of features.

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