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Hello everyone,

I am Sankar Viruthachalam. I know this is probably the longest name that you might have encountered. In fact Sankar is just part of my first name. Anyway, I go by Sankar. Some of my friends call me Sanky.

This is just my own personal blog with links to tech news, general stuff and more !!! I am from Chennai, India and hence will also write about the city then and there. I am also interested in sports. So that's also something that I will touch upon.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Heber said

    Hi Sankar,

    I’m thinking of moving my blog from blogger to wordpress and I’m doing a little research. I read on the wp site that you switched from blogger as well. Were you able to move all of your posts on blogger to wordpress? I have 200 posts on blogger that I don’t want to lose if I don’t have to.

  2. You can move everything from blogger to There is an import feature in that does everything for you. I had about 60-70 posts when I switched and I didn’t lose anything. Even the comments are imported.

  3. CS Shyam Sundar said

    Thank you Mr. Sankar !!! BTW: where exactly u r located in Chennai ? And what is your profession., ?

  4. CS Shyam Sundar said

    Covansys !! Thats nice to hear. BTW: Mylapore !!! My own elder brother stays at Alwarpet: he works at 3i-Infotech., he is an ntwk admin-he controls all the ATMs of ICICI bank in TN and Kerala.

    BTW: whats the nature of work you do at Covansys. As such 10 ppl now work under me. We’re off to unique ventures even though we do Custom Web Development for Cash Inflow.

  5. […] of technology in cricket September 9th, 2007 — sridharvanka Sankar has this nice post on why we shouldn’t be shy about using technology in cricket: I have been […]

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